Thursday, April 13, 2006

*update* Weekend Plans While Kate is gone

Kate is heading to Iowa with her mom for the weekend and I will be home alone. I want to try and get some things done this weekend so I am going to put them up here to try and motivate myself:

  • Clean out the Library
  • Move furniture out of baby room
  • Paint baby room
  • Hook up home network
  • Mow and fertalize lawn
  • Finish painting Dinning Room
  • Put in a section of fence in the back yard

We will see how well I do on this when I update on Monday, get your bets in now.

* Red equals finished*


Mom said...

My money is on , start to clean library, find good book on shelf, think to self hmm, maybe I'll just sit here and minute in this compfy chair and zzzzzzzzzzz...

jamie said...

And the book better be the one your mother recommended!!

My bet is on the baby room and mowing the lawn.

Mike said...

My bet is on:

Mow the baby room
Fertilize the dining room
Move furniture on lawn
Hook up fence to network

The Popular Stranger said...

Just checking to see if you added:
Listen in amazement at the hail hitting the street outsite
Clean out damned basement

Mike said...

Alright! What did I win!