Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tad is the smoking man

I met the smoking man today, his name is Tad and he seems very depressed. That maybe why I see him out smoking every single time I enter or exit the building. As I was walking up I saw him and thought I must introduce myself and find out his name. There is only so many times you can walk right by a guy without so much as a gangsta head nod before you become cosmically liable. So this morning I did it. I walked up and said "Hi, I;m James, What's your name?" Tad seemed like I was accusing him of something and sheepishly gave up his name. I said "I see you every day and it seems silly to me that I don't know ytour name." and he just looked at me and shrugged. Well I know his name now and I will use each time I see him. Maybe we'll become friends and share stories about growing up in the rural Northwest. Or maybe he will stop going there to smoke to avoid me and my nagging Hello's. The future is wide open and I am excited to see where this goes.

P.S. Basketball was canceled this morning so I went to the 24 hour drug store and got 1 stick deodorant, 1 package allergy medication, 1 breakfast burritto, and 1 Grande Vanilla Latte. You really can get just about anything at the 24 hour drug store. I browsed grills and lawn fertilizer and tried on some shoes.


jamie said...

You really know how to live!!