Monday, April 17, 2006

Wish lists and registries

This afternoon at lunch Kate and I strolled around Target with our bar code gun creating a Baby registry. We stood over whelmed in the aisles of pink and blue waiting for the other to pick out something we needed. We don't even know what we need but we started zapping anyway. I got to use the gun because I earned by working so hard yesterday. Below are the links to our Target Registry and My Amazon Wish list for books and such, you know, just in case you wanted to see it or something.




Anonymous said...

I am closing my eyes and imagining the very site...and what a wonderful site it is. I miss you both and feel strangely connected yet melonchaly as I sit here reading your blog from this Minnesota coffee shop.

Tell Kate she is looking more beautiful every day.

Anonymous said...

By the way, by "anonymous"...I mean Jen Lindwall. Sorry, I am obviously not a "blogger" but thought I could get away with sucessfully posting a comment. I will work on that.

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous! Hope all is well with you and Ben, i'm sure it must be getting some warmer in Mn,but you must come down and see all of our pretty trees and flowers and bushes. Sorry I missed you last time! Love Kris

Sparky said...

hello Jen, Ben. Kendra and I miss you guys and hope we get a chance to see you when we are in Indy in June!! oh yeah, hello Jr and Kate

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I can use a commenbt to respond to comments...hmm..will proceed and ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Hi Kris! hope you are well and we get to see you soon.
Mark and Kendra!! That is so cool you guys are going to IN. I really want to head out there with Ben but June just may not be possible. You guys will have to blog all about it. Don't worry, there are still people in my life reminding me of my accent on a fairly regular basis :-) Hope all is well in your new home. Jen