Sunday, April 09, 2006

A great weekend and not one thing stolen

While driving to dinner before going to a concert I all of a sudden realized that we live in Indianapolis and I really like it. I am not sure which one is more surprising. I never thought I would live in the mid-west let alone really really like it so it was a strange realization. It all started in the morning with Kate bringing back a wicker couch she found on Craigslist for $20. We sat out on the front porch and had some cereal while watching the neighborhood coming to life. Then we want for a walk to the Library around the corner to return some movies. We went to the antique store and looked at bowling shoes and bags, the shoes for me and the bag for the baby. Well for us to carry baby stuff but you know what I mean. We didn't get either but ran into Kate's parents on our walk back home and sat and talked for a while. After they left Kate and I ripped her Dar Williams CDs in preparation for the concert later. She told me about the songs she loved and the people that went with them. Then we returned a ladder we borrowed from a neighbor and sat in the street and chatted for an hour about all that neighborhood stuff. On our way back home we ran into the coolest people in Indy and they came bearing gifts. They put together a bag of baby stuff they had multiples of from the 3 baby showers they have had. We now have enough baby keys for our kid to get a jump start on his career as a building maintence man. After some naps we gussied our selves up and headed out to Yats for dinner. Matt was there and two meals with drinks came out to a little over a dollar. As we were heading to the concert and reflecting on the day I said we were definitely getting broken into. It seems like any time we have a great day we find a missing stereo or a broken window but this morning there wasn't even trash in our yard. Now I don't really believe that something bad is going to happen when we have a good day, I really don't but it is nice to have some proof of that. The concert was good and Dar played all the songs Kate played for me earlier in the day. I still can't believe I am in the mid-west, and I still can't believe I'm so happy.


Lins said...

Wow! A Dar Williams concert? With Kate?
(Guess who's jealous...) Glad to hear you had fun!