Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We playin basketball...

I played basketball this morning at the church. Nothing like starting the day with some hoops to get the juices flowing. We played 3 on 3 with pretty even teams. The guy I was guarding was about 4 inches taller but only went right and was afraid to put the ball on the floor so it was kinda like guarding Kevin. That is not true at all, Kevin can go both directions and loves to take it to the rim but I can’t pass up an opportunity to senselessly taunt some one with lies.

Any way there was an incident in the rubber match, third game where one of the other guys, not my man, drove past his man and I rotated over. He tried to pass off and we stole the ball and he called a foul on me. Said I hit his arm on the follow through. WHAT? The follow through of your bad pass that we stole? First of all no I didn’t, and second of all you an idiot. You don’t call a foul just because you made a bad pass, if that was the case Len would call fouls all night. Sorry, sorry, Len is a great passer, at least I think he is, I can’t ever remember him actually passing but I have heard stories about it.

Anyway I was incredulous at the call. In the grand scheme of things it is no big deal but it is 20-20 playing to 21 in the final game. I mean it’s not like we get a trophy or anything but an injustice is an injustice. The dude kept saying respect the call and I kept laughing at him. They missed there next shot and we got the rebound. I tried to come up top and get the ball but my team mates would not pass it. In my head over and over I kept saying “give me the ball, give me the ball, I want the ball, for the love of GOD GIVE ME THE BALL!” but we took a bad shot with a double team and the bad guys got the rebound and hit the last shot. We would have won if they had given me the ball, I know I am cocky and have a big head sometimes but I have no doubt we would have won. Some of you reading this know we would have won too. But I didn’t get the ball, and it is better that way. There are no trophies to be won, just guys getting some much needed exercise before sitting all day at their crappy jobs. I thanked everyone for the games and shook hands with the unjust foul caller. We left sweaty and smiley, grateful that no one got hurt, better for the run. But we could have won too.


Kyle said...

Len passes to people off the rim.

Jonathan said...

Nice to hear of another Fountain Square Blogger, I have seen you check out my site and thought I would check out yours and drop you a line. Suprisingly enought I was at that Dar Williams show you mentioned a few days ago also. It is a small world.