Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mission Impossible: Find J*'s Cube

So I don't know where to Find J*. But we have this handy map on our internal web portal that shows what everyone's extension is and where their cube is so I should be able to find it right? I mean I know right from left, north From south so this should be quite easy. Should be up two flight so of stairs and through a couple of locked doors, I can do this. We'll see.


jamie said...

Okay here you go. Walk out of your office and take a left, after 17 steps take a right, once you pass the water cooler take an immediate right, when you get to the stairs walk over to the elevator, go to the second floor get off and take the stairway on the right, at the top of the steps turn around three times clicking your heels together and say "J asterisk where are you." If that doesn't work just call and meet in the lunchroom.

Jessica Kramer said...

The third floor is actually nice and open, well, except for all the gray, gray cubicles. But you'll never know if you don't get there!