Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sunday, Becky, and Penny

So on Sunday night I preached at our church service on Mat 6:19-34. Well not so much preached as lead a group discussion on the topic of money and worry. The gist of which is that we make a conscious choice not to worry and it is a daily choice that we need to make. Fast forward to Tuesday morning and Kate and I are on the way to the Dr.’s office to have a second ultra sound and some other tests. I wasn’t there for the appointment Kate had with our Dr. ( I say “our” but she really isn’t having me drop my drawers and put my feet into any stirrups), and Kate wasn’t worried about the extra tests so I wasn’t worried either.

We saw the baby again in the Ultra sound and it was less alien more baby this time. Things like ears, hair, sucking thumb, and eye lids were easily seen and marveled over while Becky, our technician, took measurements. It wasn’t until I was on my way to work that I started to think why do we need these tests again? Is everything OK? Why didn’t Becky tell us anything? Were the measurements normal? All of these questions started swirling around my head and I started to get worried. But it didn’t last long. There wasn’t anything I could do. If there is something wrong then it’s wrong and I can’t do anything about it. And actually there is no reason to think something is wrong, only that we have a big baby and while that is bad for Kate it is not a medical problem. Half way to work I made the choice not to worry .

Later that night we had our last Lamaze class and we learned about what to expect as we took the baby home. We looked at flash cards of poop just like Rob said we would. She talked about how to change a diaper to keep the little dude from peeing on you and told the ladies to let their men change the diaper however they wanted. “Unless you want to do it all the time, let him do it his way. He will learn and might teach you a thing or two.” As the class was coming to an end I realized just how much I enjoyed our instructor. She had me laughing my way through this process and when all was said and done I had learned a bunch. I could walk around the hospital without getting weak in the knees, that in it’s self is worth the price of admission. I understand the process better and know much more about how to care for Kate through all of this. Thank you that Penny!


jamie said...

No class is going to take the "Bing" out of you. When push comes to shove you will still get weak kneed thanks to your "Bing genes." But, you James are such a trooper you will work through that and be great support for your lovely wife.