Thursday, May 18, 2006

2 maybe 3 weeks

Kate had an appointment today to see if she was "ripe" enough to start inducing her. She is at 37 weeks right now and the baby is getting ready to come out one way or the other. He sometimes looks like he is going to come straight out the center of her stomach. She wasn't ripe enough I guess so they will check again on Monday morning. It really is coming down to it, and it should be any day now. I have included a picture of me holding John and Tonya's baby girl Cosette just so you can picture what a great dad I'm going to be. She was squirming and crying at me but she was still so damn cute while crying that I didn't mind.


jamie said...

That looks so natural I feel so emotional. The only difference is your baby will have beautiful red hair and a very healthy voice!!

Meg Schroeder said...

Can't wait to be Auntie Meg!! Do we know what we're going to name my handsome nephew? Harper is out right?

JR said...

No name yet, but there is a short list that we will take with us and make the decision. I think I am going to call him Finn no matter what we name him though.