Thursday, May 04, 2006

T minus 31 days

Kate has gestational diabetes and has to use this tool that slices her open so she can check her blood four times a day. OK so maybe it is more of a pin prick then a slicing but blood is drawn. She has to have a number less then 130 come up on her handy little electronic monitor that seems to run on blood and expensive strips of paper with computer chips in them I am not sure what that number means but it is a statistic and I love stats. I plan on writing a Bill James style abstract on “Cookies, coconuts, and the magic number in spring night games.” So far Kate has not even gotten close to the 130 threshold and it is starting to make her angry. Her Dr. and dietician applaud her for taking control of her diet but when I asked what Kate thinks has made the biggest difference she say “Maybe I don’t freaking have diabetes!” Either way her numbers are low and we are eating much better. Along with the constant blood letting Kate has to have a Non Stress Test two times a week to make sure the baby is still pissed when you poke him or scare him with a loud noise. So far so good, dude hates when they buzz him just like his daddy. All in all things are going well and Kate and I are learning quite a bit in the process. We feel completely unprepared to be parents and with a month to go that puts us right on schedule.


jamie said...

speaking of parents Debbie and Bing became parents today!!

Happy Birthday to you.....Happy Birthday to you......Happy Birthday dear JJJJAAAAMMMMEEESS....Happy Birthday to yyyyooouu!!!

Linsey said...

Aw, JR, is it your birthday?! Feliz Cumpeanos, Senor!