Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rambling but informative

Kate has been having a hard time getting and staying asleep yesterday. She wakes up really tense and unable to get back to sleep. She will often go take a bath and that helps a bit. It is odd to wake up in the morning with Kate's wet hair in my face when we both went to bed and her hair was dry. So far she hasn't woke me up but I would hope that if she did I would help out by giving a back rub but I don't know. I'm kinda selfish when I'm sleeping and I might just put my hand on her back and fall back to sleep. I have read that this is Kate's body getting her ready for the baby to come and so I know that soon Kate's body will be getting me ready by waking me up. We have another appointment tomorrow to see if the baby still raises his heart rate when they poke him and to see if Kate is dilated at all. Kate says I have to use the right words like dilated instead of the term Ripe. But the Dr. is the one that came up with the word ripe not me so I don't see why she is so upset with me. I guess since it is her body I'm talking about I should just do what she says and not argue. Any way we will see how Kate is doing and what the time line is if we can. My guess is nothing will have changed and they will say see you next week. Kate has been taking her blood and checking her Keytones (see honey I know how to say it, it's just more fun making up words like "Tetons" to watch you laugh at me) and the numbers are good. Last night Kate had a Brawt with a bun, potato salad, and two brownies. Definitely not on the Diabetic diet and her number was still well below the target. We are not sure why her body wasn't processing sugars a month ago but now it seems to be breaking them down just fine. Our Dr. says it's because of the adjusted diet but Mandy says she probably doesn't really have diabetes. Either way she is doing well but the baby is really really big. For the last three weeks Kate's weight hasn't changed but the baby is getting large. Kate thinks he's 10 pounds right now but he's probably around 8 pounds at the moment. Well this was a disjointed rambling post but at least it was full of good information right? Word is there is a birthday gift coming that may or may not equal a digital camera. If so you might see some pictures of the bitchin baby room and Kate in all her belly beauty. Fingers crossed