Tuesday, May 30, 2006

NCAA Championship here I come

Sunday afternoon Kate and I were at the Indy 500 with her Dad and his co-workers. We got a call Friday night asking if we wanted to go. Now I’m not a car guy, let a lone a race car guy but getting a chance to see one of the premier sporting events is something I like to do. It was hot on Friday and going to be hotter on Sunday so I was sure that Kate wouldn’t want to go sit in the baking sun with 300,000 other people for 4 hours but I thought I would ask anyway. Not only did she want to go she was excited.

Tom picked us up at 9:30 and we made our way across town to the Brickyard. Traffic was brutal for the last 5 miles but we had a great parking spot two blocks from the track. We loaded up coolers of water and beer and hoofed in with the throngs of people. We were on Corner 1, 16 rows up. Kate got light headed just before the race started so we walked down behind the stands to this shaded grassy hill and sat down. She had some water and some food and sent me back to the seat to catch the start. It was amazing! When the cars came around that corner at 215 MPH I could feel it reverberate through my whole body. I jumped up and cheered with the rest of the folks caught up in the pomp and circumstance. I went back down with Kate and ate some lunch with her and then she came back up feeling much better.

The finish to the race was incredible and as we started to make our way out I thought about the sporting event I have seen since moving here to Indy:

The Indy 500
20 basketball games (including Reggie Miller’s last game)
5 Football games (including the devastating playoff lose to Pittsburg)
1 Dodger game in Cincinnati
2 Minor league baseball
1 minor league Hockey

A nice run by any standard, marrying Kate was the best sports fan decision I have ever made.