Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gmail is the new I love you

My wife is not technologically challenged or anything she just doesn’t care. A computer online in the living room with a connection to the outside world goes completely unnoticed and untouched for days at a time, so this morning when I saw “Kate Says” on my gmail box I felt a giddy rush of joy. I couldn’t even move the mouse to click on it fast enough as I wondered what would compel Kate to cast off her techno-indifference and slum it a little bit in my world. Baby Beeler that’s what. Our friends checked into the hospital last night, 2 weeks past their due date, to have the baby persuaded to come out. “How now, Tubal! what news from Genoa?" Kate asked. While chatting away with Kate on this wonderful medium I was struck byt just how differently Kate and I view the computer. The idea that Kate could have a conversation with me with a few simple clicks and doesn’t is almost impossible to understand. It is easy, and fast, and easy. But Kate does not see it that way. Not that she thinks it difficult, she doesn’t think about it. If she wants to talk she calls, she doesn’t get in front of the computer, the computer never even enters her though process. It is funny how “I love you” sometimes sounds like keys tapping on a keyboard that doesn’t mean anything to you, but does to the person on the other end.


kris said...

So,did Tonya have their baby yet? Kris

JR said...

Not yet, as of noon on thursday. She checked into the hospital last night but no baby yet.