Monday, May 22, 2006

Thank you AZ family!

This afternoon I got to go to Best Buy armed with a small plastic card that equaled a little more then a digital camera, a case, a 512 Mb flash card, and extra batteries all because some dear friends and family got together and turned their hard earned money into a little plastic card for me. So now we have a camera to post pictures of stuff like the baby's room and Kate's belly. (those are the two most requested things) There are some pictures up on Flickr but when the baby comes most of the baby pictures are going to be labled for friends and family only so you will need to create a free logon at Flickr and let me know what it is so I can add you. Until that time please enjoy these photos of the baby room Kate put together for Finn (that's what I call him)


Meg Schroeder said...

AZ family--
Thanks from the MN/Belize family; now I'll actually get to see my nephew from out of the country! You guys have eased my heart; I was so worried I was going to miss everything! Thanks mucho!!
Meg (McGrail) Schroeder

Sparky said...

Not a problem, we know that this was not only a gift for JR and Kate, but also a blessing on the rest of the family. JR and Kate both do a wounderful job of painting pictures with their words, but sometimes a 5 megapixal camera says just the right things. Much Love,
Mark, your AZ family rep.