Thursday, May 25, 2006

A little give and take

So at today’s appointment Kate is having Minor contractions. So minor in fact that she is unaware of them all together. We will go in on Tuesday for the Dr. to check if she is dilated at all, she didn’t check today. The baby is testing well on his NST though he was a little slow to wake up this morning. So to reset the timeline if Kate is dilated at all on Tuesday we schedule an induction for around Thursday of next week. If she isn’t then we will check again on June 6th and regardless of where she is in the process we will set up a time to check into the hospital. So we are looking at either June 1st or June 8th as the check in time.

That means we have to make sure we have the hospital bag ready to go. We have PJs and robe for Kate and a change of clothes for me. There is a Baby boy sack to bring the little dude home in and various toques, shirts and blankets. For massages we have a tennis ball and lavender lotion. I’m not sure what else is in that bag but for those of you who have been through this what should we make sure is in there that we might not think of?


Anonymous said...

animal crackers!!! I remember being so hungry when I was in having all the girls. Maybe they feed you better these days,but just in case, animal crackers!!