Friday, May 19, 2006

It's Fantastic!

Seriously how sweet are these playoffs this year. From the emergence of Bron-Bron to the fighting in Miami, these games have been close and hard fought. I got Punked by the Lakers in the first round. They made me think they could win that series when they went up 3 to 1 and came home for game six. Then Ashton came out hamming it up and laughing while pointing to the cameras. You got, I got Punked! If you ever loved the NBA and left because of the selfish play of the last 6 or so years these playoffs are your invitation back. Stars like Nash, Lebron, Chauncy, and Brand remind you why you loved basketball. Steer clear of Miami games though, watch the west coast games and that Cleveland-Detroit series. It has been very hard for me these playoffs not getting to watch many of the games. We don't have cable so I read the games more then anything. Even reading them seems different this year. I think we will look back on these playoffs as being among the best of all time. There are still many games to play before that can be decided but I like what I see (read) so far. NBA action.........It's FANNNNNTASTIC!